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Filter Master Brand Introduction

One yellow and one green classic appearance, only need to replace the filter once a year, backwashing regularly, extending the life of the filter, suitable for single-family apartment and community buildings.

Exclusive patent full-household backwash filter, user praise and recommendation.

The filter master backwashing purification filter has accumulated many customers since its development. It is recommended for use by organizations, schools, and companies at all levels. The backwashing action is simple, the exclusive two filter cartridges, fast and easy backwashing household water filtration do not ask for help, use us The after-sales service of the products is guaranteed, Taiwan patented research and development and manufacturing, customer service regularly reminds you to replace the filter element, dedicated personnel to the house to install and construct, the favorite of the residents of the community building.

Product Features

Many years of local water purification brand

High impurity tolerance and long service life



Exclusive manual backwash design
High filtration accuracy, thorough clean

Exclusive two-channel filter patent
Double filter element filtration, with backwashing for more peace of mind

Only need to replace the filter element once a year
Regular reminders from customer service to avoid trouble when replacing the filter element

The first filter element 5mircon high precision PP fiber filter element

Four-layer structure filter element
LHigh impurity tolerance and long service life

Melt-Blown Microfiber Process
High filtration accuracy, thorough clean

100% pure PP
High chemical resistance, good durability

Passed national inspection
Comply with NSF42 / FDA CFR Title 21

Use international standards to effectively remove sediment

Filtering for "physical pollution" in water: effectively filter out silt, sludge, impurities, rust, suspended matter and other substances that are still visible to the naked eye. The high-precision deep-layer PP fiber filter element is produced with four nozzles with different pore sizes. Four-layer structure PP fiber filter element, the product has four different fiber fineness structures with thin inner fiber and thick outer fiber to achieve the effect of layered filtering of impurities in the liquid, which can effectively increase the amount of impurities in the filter element and prolong the service life of the filter element , Reduce the cost of consumable replacement

Sectional view of the yellow filter element, the appearance is integrated by heat fusion, without adding any adhesive

Filtering for "physical pollution" in water, filtering out sediment, sludge, impurities, and suspended matter visible to the naked eye

The second line imported coconut shell activated carbon filter

Wide range of applications
Environmental engineering water purification wastewater treatment

Removal of heavy metal ions and disperse dye molecules
Suitable for filtering general household and industrial water

Activated carbon high temperature activation
The carbon particles have been activated for better adsorption function

Dissolved organic compounds
Removal of molecules such as phenol, chloralkanes, pigments and odors

Imported coconut shell activated carbon with excellent adsorption capacity in line with national SGS certification

Product characteristics: The strong point of coconut shell activated carbon is microporous. The diameter of the micropores is smaller than (< 2nm). The diameter is between (0.3-0.7nm). Therefore, it has a good ability to absorb small molecules.

The cross-sectional view of the green filter element, which is also integrally formed by thermal fusion, without adding any adhesive.

Filter for "chemical pollution": effectively filter out heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemical substances, residual chlorine plasma in water.

Filter features details


  • It is widely used in related procedures such as water purification and wastewater (gas) treatment in environmental engineering. With a neutral pH and extremely low water soluble content, it is more secure to fill in a drinking water purification device.
  • Removal of heavy metal ions and disperse dye molecules in electroplating, dyeing and finishing and general industrial wastewater. 
  • Removal of small amounts of dissolved organic compounds in drinking water, such as phenol, chloralkanes, pigments and odors. 
  • Carbon particles undergo activation treatment: using high-temperature activation treatment, the activated carbon is filled with holes and has adsorption and decontamination efficiency.

Filter Master is suitable for home buildings, communities, and overall planning. The best solution for household filtering

Filter master backwash purification filter

We have developed medium-sized and small-sized specifications according to different daily water consumption, and can be used in series and parallel / single or multiple groups to completely plan the filtered water demand of community houses and industrial and commercial banks.