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fountains or water in the teapot after boiling temperature, often have white floating in the tank and sediment, what is it? How to solve it? Will produce stones drink it?
Any raw water (including water, groundwater, mountain spring water) in water quality will contain no quantitative calcareous and calcium, particularly high levels of groundwater and spring water but also because each region has a volatile content. 

Molecular patterns are calcareous, permeable filter masters of the whole household cleaning filter of anti-deep type Flow-Pure Precision fiber filter to filter out. Calcium ion type belongs, requires the use of automatic softener, through ion exchange, the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions are exchanged, then the water after boiling no longer produce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate precipitates floating. 

Stones produce high because the body temperature, physical acidic water shortage caused by ingestion and holding back, so to maintain a certain amount of water intake, is the only way to prevent the body stone.
install filtration equipment bedroom villas and apartment buildings are the same?
Masters filter cleaning of the whole household anti-filter, mainly for cross analysis according to the water quality and water area, classification, apartment buildings and equipment required for bedroom villas vary, classified according to the customer water consumption, because it is installed filtration equipment to provide water towers before, and therefore have a filter in front of the tower. Therefore, in accordance with the effective portion of apartment building tenants of the building, the population and the amount of water towers, water consumption needs analysis, and then provide tailored according to the needs of system planning proposals; generally bedroom villa partly carried out in accordance with the capacity of supporting towers. Not only so you do not wash towers per year (about two years will be required to be cleaned once a water tower), but through "into the water source from home" approach, to achieve "Let your home every little water is clean."
For the removal of chlorine in the water? Performance there?
water filtration systems currently on the market, because the performance of activated carbon filled mass attached, but there are differences in the amount of chlorine to clear part is the application of activated carbon adsorption principle, be filtered net jobs. Activated carbon filter filter master of the whole household cleaning filter anti-used, the pore size of 1-5Microm more filtration area is up to 264 cm 2, the iodine value of 1199mg / L, is a hundred times more than the general filter performance, water chlorine concentrations below 2ppm, before treatment capacity of 500 tons, can reach 99-85%, through a unique "Manual countercurrent backwash feature" chlorine and impurities can be adsorbed on activated carbon, through the backwash outlet discharge, in addition to the impurities can be discharged, but also can extend the life of filter, filter for enhanced filtration efficiency.
master filter installed anti-wash of the whole household can filter whether to drink tap water?
 Masters filter cleaning of the whole household anti-filter is a device in front of the water tower water purification system, the purpose is to purify drinking water meets EPA's standards, that is, whether it is to let you take a bath, wash, laundry, vegetables, Chuizhu, car wash .... so all kinds of water activities can be used to truly purify drinking water quality standards. Because before the tower water purification, to the end of each water diversion pipeline will go through the house, such as old pipes prone to contamination and fouling problems, it is recommended to boil drinking after the line.
Currently on the market there are many brands of filters, backwash style whether and purification systems above? If it does not, you need to change the filter is not too much trouble?
Our whole household filter guru of the anti-washed filters, depending on the filter function will filter into five key areas, each filter filter area much larger than the average market filter, and are specially designed for "counter-current washing function "development of the filter, so that only our exclusive filters can be used. And filtration efficiency large, can be done in addition to water, the water tower purifiers, as long as the proposal in accordance with the normal backwash maintenance free for up to one year to better filter function. 

Since the completion of the installation date, month will occasionally send personnel to your home maintenance and maintenance operations, or through the customer service phone call backwash maintenance. Customer Service Center will return according to engineering maintenance data card information, carry chase? Judgment, timely inform customers need to replace the filter, as you replace your home by hand to.
If installed solar filter masters of the whole household cleaning filter anti where to install a pressurized motor because the cold water, hot water a pressurized motor for reloading yet installed whe
Because the master filter cleaning of the whole anti-family unit before the filter is the water tower, and the purification of water daily minimum of 3,000 to 10,000 liters (3 tons to 10 tons) or more, whether it is installed several sets of solar energy, or several pressurized motor, just in front of the water tower, designed specifically for the installation of a water purification system for your design, it is all done.
Will be filtered well water (groundwater) which is installed in the position you want to be better, the water pump inlet or outlet or former water tower after tower exit???
Masters filter cleaning of the whole anti-family planning can filter for specific groundwater or well water purification systems, water filtration and tailor reached by EPA drinking water quality standards for the purpose. If it is used to filter the water tower, this product can be filtered well water, is packed in water intake tower before, that after the water into the towers to help you have a good filter, whether any indoor water exports, water use are already a drinking water quality standard of water.
home ground, seven people one day about 1-2 times to cook rice. Will this take long to change a filter required?
filtration of groundwater quality, water quality may be required depending on everywhere, the general groundwater microorganisms, minerals, chemicals, etc., generally microbial majority. Zoe everyone all day calculating water consumption of 250 liters (including the domestic water for drinking, washing, etc.), then the total of 1750 liters of seven people, as long as the medium-long-term use of anti-cleaned filter Masters of filters on it. As part of the water, you need to test after test, according to the report do the planning.
Why would mention chlorine water? What is chlorine? What is the impact of chlorine is? How to remove it?
raw water after entering the water plant, before reaching the end of all families to use , in order to be able to do the sterilization function, it will be disinfected with chlorine as an element . So what is the chlorine it? It is to look into the water , but also to smell . Just hold a cup of water flowing from the faucet , first scrape smell in the nose look , there is the smell is like the smell of disinfectant containing chlorine , taste more concentrated , the higher the content ; then drops three or four drops of chlorine test kits , color yellow, that contain chlorine, the color is more yellow , which means that the higher the content .

Chlorine after entering the mouth, as long as two - three seconds of time to be completely absorbed , and will hurt the cells in the mouth , such as taste bud cells . Taste cells after injury is relatively slow , the ability to feel worse, tastes will be relatively heavier and difficult to distinguish the smell of food , it will seriously affect the health of the body .

Will produce chlorine disinfection after salt water , the surface will be left in the clothes washing , not only the fabric will be eroded, worn on the body because the skin cells on the surface damage , can cause allergies, rashes . If used to wash fruits and vegetables , food and other dining utensils , remain on these objects into the human body , will lead to greater disease and even cancer .

Chlorine , organic matter, heat is generated chloroform three elements , the use of anti- filter cleaning masters of the whole household of the UDF filter activated carbon filter , water before entering the tower , had removed most of the chlorine and organic matter, therefore, users are exposed to chloroform has been far depend on EPA regulations standards. The severity of injury to the body , the end is to determine the concentration of methane in the low three -contact , not the level of filtering effect , the effect is filtered after purification system , the resulting reference.