Filter Master
[ Master Filter ] the whole household filter backwashing filter system Benefits

Among the water in our bodies constitute an important component of the human body, accounting for about 60-70 % of adult body weight. Water content in the blood of more than 90 %, so for everyone in today's polluted world to seek to a clean pollution-free water , you can have a healthy body , clean water from the " master [ filter ] whole household anti- wash of the filter "─ allows you to have a set of " every drop of water at home, are clean . "

Global Water International Ltd was set up in 1985 , the company established the main aim is to provide consumers with a water " peace of mind " and " ease" living environment, so as to strengthen the "faith" of consumers, the company continued to " intentions " operating and reform , the development, the development and introduction of new quality products , including the company's product line includes: [ master ] filter cleaning of the whole household anti- filter, reverse osmosis water machine backwash backwash water machine , central drinking water systems , water ionizer , ultra-pure water series, automatic filters, sterilization equipment , distilled water machine, Simple water purifier , RO water purifier , water dispenser series : RO landing three temperature machine, water dispensers series, table / erect three temperature, filtration equipment / components , filter cylinders , inlet / outlet parts , water treatment area flowmeter ... etc. supplies series , each product family planning design, installation, and marketing a variety of filter media monopoly worldwide.  

Global Water International Ltd. For the family Lu purify water from the source, you can open the tap a "peace of mind" to drink all the water, the company "dedicated" After many years of research, the products meet FDA standards, the development of national patent products and certificates, consumer Insurance companies enjoy a product liability insurance, NSF certification, SGS certification test material non-toxic, SGS certified water quality testing, ... and other certification. 

Global Water International Limited in future will allow consumers interested in upholds the highest standard of drinking water, and then continue with "dedication" operation, so drink good water can be more EASY.

Adhere to devote himself 
Maintaining its professional, honest, serious and responsible commitment to devote every effort to provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service to meet customer expectations expectations. 

Full range of services 
With our professional advantage, the best service team, customer demand to provide better services and solutions. 

Navigator Technology 
The pursuit of excellence, innovative technology. Market-oriented, constantly developing innovative solutions to provide advantages, strengthen competitiveness.

Specialized sure 
▲ obtain Taiwan Bank Ltd. Purchasing Department's contract provider 
▲ obtain Water Quality, NSF, FDA and other patents certification 
▲ obtain qualified SGS approved water quality testing and certification of products

Perfect service network 
Headquartered in Taoyuan City, Hsinchu, Taichung, respectively, with branch offices, according to program requirements, we continue to expand distribution in Taiwan presence in the region and the establishment of ad hoc service points to provide customers with faster and better service quality.