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LC-1000 Digital Smart Dispenser

Production Information
LC-1000 Digital Smart Dispenser
Shell Cai Wen mirror plate (black)
Patent Patented cooling module replacement and easy maintenance
Saving settings Control and energy saving display
Sterilize The whole machine via pipeline and the cylinder can be more than 90 ° C hot water discharge sterilization sterilization settings can be set per week from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day during the sterilization and disinfection sterilization time
Protector Leakage circuit power protection / fuse / level control / heat protection / hot 85 degrees, no water / leak detection
Other features Each function with display lights and ice, warm, hot digital temperature display, and then boiling hot water safety lock, infrared internal code set, ice, temperature, water temperature adjustable filter function in accordance with the provisions of Item accord

2 filter or a standard five RO machine specification of NSF
Model Water temperature patterns Hot water capacity Warm in cold water capacity Ice capacity
LC-1000 Warm ice 24L 9L 4L
LC-1100 Temperature heat 24L 9L X
Model Size Heating power Cooling power  
LC-1000 42x50x146 1000w 210w  
LC-1100 42x50x146 750w X